In accordance with the legislation on establishments receiving the public, each
spectator must be in possession of a ticket. Any exit is final.
For safety reasons, access to the shows is forbidden to minors (accompanied
or not).
Animals, with the exception of dogs accompanying the visually impaired, are

People with Reduced Mobility
: for easy access, the festival provides an adapted
service (access to the site, parking, assistance, etc.).

Every person buying
a ticket becomes a member of the totalsport consulting association

In order to give you the best welcome
, we invite you to contact us in advance by specifying
your requests: as of today, by e-mail at the following address

Beware, whatever the weather forecast, don't get discouraged! The
decisions to cancel due to bad weather are rare and are always made
at the last moment. Our experience has shown us that the weather is more
than unpredictable and that the worst forecasts have sometimes resulted in very nice
evenings! In case of rain, for safety and visibility reasons,
umbrellas are not allowed inside the festival. Instead, use hoods
and other headgear.

The time indicated on your ticket corresponds to the time of the show.


4.1 Resale
Tickets cannot be taken back, exchanged or resold (law of June 27

4.2 Cancellation
In case of interruption of the show less than 20 minutes after its beginning, a
rescheduling date will be communicated to you and the ticket will be automatically validated for
this date. Otherwise, the ticket will be refunded at the place of purchase according to the
terms described below.

 More than 45 minutes of show:

Beyond the 45th minute, in case of definitive interruption of the performance, no
refund can be requested.


Your ticket is your proof of purchase. Keep it. It will allow you to access the
reschedule date if necessary.

The staff of the KARIBBEAN RENDEZ VOUS festival has been specifically trained to
welcome you in the best conditions and ensure your safety on this
protected site. We ask you to comply with their
instructions and advice. Their mission is to guarantee you a welcome of
quality and they are in charge of ensuring the necessary interventions in case of
incident, accident, violence and evacuation of the site.
In accordance with the law of January 21, 1995, checks may be carried out
at the entrance to the shows. Access may be refused to any person who does not comply with this formality
You are in a private site. Barriers delimit the forbidden zones because
dangerous for the public. We ask you to respect them

The KARIBEAN RENDEZ VOUS BY KARUKERAONELOVE take place in an exceptional setting. 

This site is clean and maintained to welcome you in the best

circumstances. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is
imperative that this place be respected and that no alterations be made.

In accordance with the legislation relating to establishments receiving the public,
it is forbidden to bring into the karibbean festival grounds bulky objects
or presenting a danger to others or to oneself.
Which objects can present a danger? Bottles with caps,
cans, motorcycle helmets...

For reasons of image rights, cameras and recorders
are prohibited. The same applies to cameras and cameras integrated
to your cell phones. We invite you to enjoy the show any
lawsuit related to image rights is
not under the responsibility of karibbean rendez-vous karukeraonelove.

Placement is free except for places reserved by the production of
shows or the Festival organization.

The Karibbean Rendezvous festival takes place outdoors, so smoking is not forbidden by law
. However, during the show, we ask you
to apply the rules of usage and to be careful not to disturb your
neighbors. For the well-being of all, for the respect of the artists and others.

Any person who is intoxicated may be refused access to the site. Any
intoxicated person inside the site may be asked to leave
the premises, and, if necessary, be expelled by the security staff without
being able to claim a refund of their ticket.
Bar staff are not authorized to serve an intoxicated person. It is strictly forbidden
to use drugs inside the premises under penalty
of permanent exclusion.

The spectators are informed that in the event of filming, recording
audiovisual intended for television, photographic shots by the
press, their image may appear.

We welcome your suggestions and complaints. If you wish
to inform us, you can contact the communication department:
By mail: contact@karukeraonelove.com




The present
conditions of sale apply by right and without restriction to all
orders made for the purchase of tickets for shows on the
Internet site of the computerized ticket office of the karibbean rendez-vous BIZOUK. They are subject to change without notice. The purchase of tickets for shows implies unconditional acceptance of these terms of sale.

Anyone purchasing a ticket or product on the karibbean rendez-vous website
is invited to carefully read the general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) which
aim to define the contractual relationship between him/her and karibbean rendez-vous,
as well as the conditions applicable to the purchase of tickets online.

The language of these GTC is French. In case of translation of all or part
of these conditions, only the original French text is authentic.

The confirmation of the order via the present Internet site involves the conclusion of the final contract
. This implies the acceptance without reserve by the customer of the entirety of the GTC, of which he acknowledges having previously taken knowledge
to the validation of his purchase. The customer accepts the provisions concerning
security and additional regulations relating to access to the room or to
any other place of representation.

The customer has taken
knowledge of the fact that in the hypothesis that these rules are not respected,
he will be refused access to the room without compensation.

The terms and conditions applicable are those in force on the online sales site on the date of purchase of the ticket. 

Du karibbean rendez-vous reserves the right to adapt or modify these T&Cs at any time and without notice, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


www.karukeraonelove.com/billeterie is the
online ticketing service of karibbean rendez-vous, the company's head office.

This online ticketing service of the karibbean rendez-vous, allows you to buy tickets for shows.

For any information concerning your online ticket purchases, you can contact us by email at: contact@karukeraonelove.com


The price of the seats is
including all taxes and rental fees.

The applicable rates
are the rates indicated in the programs and at the
karibbean rendez-vous box office.

All prices are
subject to change without notice. However, the tickets will be
charged on the basis of the rates in force at the time of your validation of
orders. They are validated only after collection of the sale price by
karibbean rendez-vous.

Tickets are
nominative and cannot be resold at a higher price (law of March 12

The number of tickets
per transaction cannot exceed 50.

1.1 -
Reduced rates

For the
reduced rates, the presentation of a recent receipt at the entrance is mandatory.
No discount is applicable after the payment of the order.


Depending on the
configurations, you may be offered the following investments:

Open seating

performances where seating is not numbered,
spectators are free to choose their place in the hall. Seating
is not guaranteed. All exits are final.

Numbered placement

performances with numbered seating, your
seat number will be provided when you place your order. When the seating is
numbered, the online sales site automatically allocates the best
seats available in the chosen category; these seats can be viewed on the seating plan at
and can be changed within the limits of
availability. No subsequent complaint can be taken into account


Payment method / secure payment

The order of tickets
commits the karibbean appointment only after reception of an e-mail
confirming the payment of the transaction.

Payment is
exclusively accepted online.

The tickets purchased
on the website of the karibbean rendez-vous are paid via the site BIZOUK and other The information
provided by the customer when entering his bank details are
subject to encryption this one to protect as effectively as possible
all sensitive data during the payment. This transaction is carried out
through a secure and encrypted SSL system. In no case and at no time,
the information concerning the bank cards do not pass in transit on the waiter of
karibbean rendez-vous.

In case of problems
with the payment: check the validity and the authorized limit of
your card.

Some banks
require an additional code for online purchases, please contact
your bank for more information.

Personal data

The information and
data concerning you are necessary to manage your order and to
our commercial relations. This information and data is also
kept for security purposes, to comply with legal obligations and
regulations and to enable us to improve and personalize
the services we offer you and the information we send you


Your order of
tickets of spectacles is definitively confirmed only after you have
clicked on the button " PAY MY ORDER " and engages the karibbean rendez-vous
that with reception of the email confirming that the order of tickets was indeed
validated. Therefore, we invite you to consult your e-mail


You declare to have
taken knowledge and accepted without reserve the present general conditions of
sale before placing your order. The acceptance of the general conditions
of sale, by checking the box "I accept the General Conditions of Sale"
allows you to validate your order.


The ticket(s) and the
confirmation of the online purchase must be checked by the buyer at the time
they are received. No subsequent claims can be taken into account

The tickets issued are

and; this is the reason
why the method of obtaining your tickets bought on line on
our site is only the printing at home. However, if for particular reasons
this mode of obtaining poses problem.

* : However, duplicates of
may be printed in the event of theft or loss
upon presentation of an identity document, the confirmation email
received when the tickets were purchased online, or if it is possible to trace
the reservation on the ticketing software. In any case,
even in this case, only the bearer of the ticket is entitled to occupy the seat.

Print at Home Ticket

specific to the Print at Home Ticket:

The printable ticket at
allows you to print tickets purchased on a regular
printer from an internet access. To be valid, your
ticket must be printed in portrait orientation, single-sided, on a blank white A4 sheet of paper

It can also be
scanned directly onto your smartphone by downloading the E-ticket(s) at
as an attachment to the purchase confirmation email.

For each seat purchased
corresponds a ticket.

tickets, which can be printed out at home, have a unique barcode. The validity of the
tickets is checked and registered at the entrance of the respective
venue using barcode readers. The same ticket cannot be used several times at
the entrance. The reproduction of tickets is
prohibited. Only the first person to present the ticket will be admitted to
the event. This person is presumed to be the legitimate bearer of the
ticket. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit
the ticket in any way, or to make it available for such purposes
. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Never accept a ticket that
is offered to you by a stranger, as it may be a copy.

The organizer may
refuse entry to the event if several prints,
reproductions, copies or imitations of a home-printable ticket are in
circulation and access to the event has already been granted beforehand
to the holder of a print, reproduction, copy or
imitation of the corresponding home-printable ticket. In particular, the organizer is not obliged
to check the identity of the
person presenting the printable ticket at home in order to verify that he
is the ticket purchaser, nor to check the authenticity of the
printable ticket at home, if the imitation or copy cannot be
unmistakably identified as such during the entry control at
the event. If the holder of a home-printable ticket is turned away
for this reason at an access control, there is no right to
refund of the price paid.

The printing of
tickets at home is free of charge (no additional fees will be charged
for this method of obtaining).

From the karibbean appointment
decline all responsibility: for anomalies that may occur during
ordering, processing or printing of the printable ticket at home in
as far as it has not caused them intentionally or as a result of
negligence in case of loss, theft or illegal use of the printable ticket at

Pickup at the karibbean box office appointment (special cases
only, and only during the annual opening period of the
karibbean box office appointment)

In certain cases
, and only during the annual opening period of the
Nights Ticket Office (opening dates announced on the website, the
period may vary depending on the program), tickets purchased on
online can be picked up at the karibbean rendez-vous box office upon validation
of the payment of the order. Tickets at specific reduced rates
can only be picked up at the box office upon presentation of a receipt
. The method of collection will be indicated at
at the time of the online ticket purchase.

Tickets are
delivered upon presentation of the confirmation email.

In the absence of proof of reduced fares, the normal fare will be applied.
Additional fares may therefore be requested. Resale at a higher
rate than that indicated on the ticket is prohibited (law of March 12
2012). Spectators are invited to visit the venue's website
for box office opening times: www.karukeraonelove.com

Mailing of tickets (special cases only, and only
during the annual opening period of the karibbean box office

The dispatch of
tickets by post is only possible if the time between the payment of
the order and the date of the first show is more than one week

The sending of the tickets is
done by simple mail and the karibbean appointments decline all
responsibilities in case of loss or theft by the Post office. The delivery time
is 7 days.


The date, location and
time of the show are indicated on the ticket. Shows start at
. Doors open 30 to 120 minutes before
depending on the venue, with some exceptions.

can only be seated if the show is interrupted
or if there is accessibility in the hall. To enter the hall,
latecomers must follow the directions of the hosts and hostesses, and the
numbered seats are no longer guaranteed.

Please note that due to
artistic constraints inherent to certain shows, it may be
impossible to admit latecomers.

The duration of the show
for the creations is variable and known only a few days before the


There will be no
refund in case of interruption of the festival for technical,
climatic or security reasons; cancellation of one or more artists
programmed in a festival.

Conditions of
refund: Thus, tickets may be refunded if the festival has
lasted less than one hour per day.

If the interruption of
the session does not occur beyond this one-hour period, it can be considered
that the organizer has fulfilled his contractual obligation towards the spectator,
and the ticket refund is not due.

Tickets cannot be
taken back, exchanged for another date, or refunded.

No cancellation
is possible after the payment of the tickets by the customer.
In the case of
, the jurisprudence considers that the relationship between the festival that announces a show, indicates the price of the
seats and the time of the performance and the public that buys a ticket, regardless of the method of payment (cash, check, credit card, money order),
is a contractual relationship. Under these conditions, it is only if the company
does not fulfill its obligation that the spectator can request
reimbursement or contest the contract with the venue.

 karibbean rendez-vous reserves the right
to make any changes in the order, duration and
distribution of the show.

Furthermore, karibbean rendez-vous reserves the
right to cancel any performance that cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances such as (but not limited to) bad weather, strikes, fire, water damage,
illness of a performer etc. In such a case, karibbean rendez-vous
will propose another performance date or, failing that, a refund of the

No decision
to cancel a performance for weather reasons will be made before
the performance start time. In case of interruption of a
performance less than 45 minutes after its beginning, a rescheduling date
will be communicated to you and the tickets will automatically be validated for this date;
. If this date is not reached, the tickets will be reimbursed to the credit card used for


In accordance with
the article L 121-20-4 of the Code of the Consumption, the tickets of spectacles and
indissociable products cannot give place to retractation by the


For any information
or question, our e-ticketing service is at your disposal:

  1. E-mail: Please contact us by e-mail at contact@karukeraonelove.com www.karukeraonelove.com/billeterie for any questions you may have


Any dispute
regarding the online purchase process, regardless of its nature, must be
made in writing no later than the day of the performance to the following address

karibbean rendez-vous
declines all responsibility for any damage, whatever its nature,
which could affect the effects, objects or materials brought
by the spectators. The spectators are responsible for any direct
or indirect damage they may cause during their presence at

The tickets do not give
any right to a recording of the show.
Any recording, in any form whatsoever, including photographic, is strictly prohibited. Se
reserve the right to initiate proceedings for compensation for damages