Do you have a parking space or spaces available in your vehicle? 

 This carpooling page will allow you to offer or look for a place in a car to go to the KARUKERA ONE LOVE Festival with DEPOZE . 

Carpooling will allow you to :
- meet other Festival-goers
- help the planet
- reduce your transport budget
- get to the festival without relying on shuttles.

Do not hesitate any longer!

✨ Why choose Dépozé for your carpool to the Karukera One Love? ✨

🎁 Advantage :

 have you reserved a parking lot near the festival?

  • as a depozer, you can recover some or all of your parking fees by taking someone in your vehicle.
  • As a Dépozé user, you pay less and save on fuel and parking.

🌐 F estival Connectivity:

  • Meet festive spirits right from the start of your trip. Share your favorite playlists, and create a festive atmosphere right from the start!

🌿 Economical and Ecological:

  •  Save on transport costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Together, let's opt for an environmentally-friendly solution!

🤝CommunautéDeposé Karukera One Love  

  • Join a community of like-minded festival-goers. Create links and share your journey!

📲 How does it work? 📲

  • Download the application, create your profile and suggest your route to Karukera One Love.
  • Search for your Carpool: Browse available routes, find your ideal travel companion, and set off on an adventure together.

Join our community on Dépozé, because the real festival begins at the start! 🚗💨